Taylor Swift Fans Think That Lover Secret Sessions Are Happening Soon

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With less than a month to go until the release of Taylor Swift‘s new album, Lover, some fans are speculating that Taylor’s infamous “secret session” listening parties are starting soon. ICYMI, the pop sensation, who likes to be uber involved in her online fanbase, hosts house parties across the globe with a selection of handpicked fans in order to give them a sneak preview of her upcoming work. Based on the schedule of her last album release, the coveted invitations should be going out any day now, and fans are freaking out.

Rumors have been flying on Twitter that Taylor’s official fansite, Taylor Nation, has sent out the DMs to inform fans that they’ve been selected. If true, this means that we’re days away from hearing the first fan reactions to Lover.

For fans lucky enough to score an invite, the process happens quickly. Fans have only a few day’s notice to get themselves to the location of their session (usually one of Taylor’s homes in London, New York, Los Angeles, or Rhode Island). They’re then treated to a day full of snacks and quality time with Taylor as she walks them through each track on the new album.

Secret sessions have been a cause for drama in the past, with Swifties alleging that they favor fans who have the resources to take time off of work or school and purchase a last-minute plane or train ticket. Some also claim that by singling out certain fans, Taylor inadvertently creates a cliquey environment within the fandom. Allegations of bullying followed in the months after the secret sessions for her 2017 album reputation.

For those of us without invitations, Lover is out August 23rd.

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