Taylor Swift Announces New Album, New Single In Instagram Live

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We can breathe, Swifties! The wait is finally over! This afternoon, Taylor Swift took to Instagram Live and *finally* revealed all of the details about her new album. The “ME!” singer also revealed that her new single, “You Need to Calm Down” will begin streaming at… midnight!!!! The music video will follow on Monday, June 17th with a debut on Good Morning America We cannot keep calm! It is simply impossible!

Taylor revealed that the name of her long-awaited seventh album mdash; known as TS7 amongst fans — is actually Lover and it will be debuting on August 23. Fans had long speculated that the album would be called either Lover or You+Me. And it turns out they were right! Well, half of them were. They were also right in assuming that Swift’s latest project would be a summer release, rather than debuting in the fall according to her tradition. Tay’s new album will be eligible for the 2019 Grammy awards cycle, as the eligibility date closes August 31.

Now for the nitty-gritty details: Lover will have 18 track (the most Tay’s ever had on an album.) And will be ~romantic in theme~. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be full of love songs, though. Taylor says that it’s more of a romantic approach to many different themes. She’s previously mentioned that there are more political undertones than any other album so the combination of the two is sure to be interesting. It will also have *FOUR* deluxe additions available at Target. It doesn’t seem like Lover will have any additional tracks on the deluxe additions, but they will have two exclusive audio recordings.


As part of her album announcement, Tay annonced that she’s also collabbing on a collection with designer Stella McCartney on a collection based on the album. As you might be able to guess, the Taylor Swift fandom is absolutely freaking out right now.

Taylor has been leading her fans on a wild goose chase full of easter eggs and hidden album clues since February when the singer notably changed her Instagram aesthetic. On April 13th, she announced a 13-day countdown and filled her Instagram feed with cryptic, pastel-hued snapshots. The countdown led to the debut of her album’s lead single, “ME!” and the Instagram pictures turned out to be screenshots from the song’s music video.

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