Taylor Swift’s Next Single “The Archer” Is Coming & Fans Have Some Theories

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Everyone keep calm! We have the name for Taylor Swift‘s next single and it’s called “The Archer.” The title and the length of the song (3:31) were both posted on iTunes this morning, hours ahead of Taylor’s five o’clock livestream, where she is expected to announce the song’s premiere date (probably Friday, TBH) and discuss the differences between the four (four!) different deluxe additions of her forthcoming album, Lover.

Some fans are hoping that this new single will have a different vibe than Taylor’s most recent upbeat releases. “The Archer” is listed as the fifth track on Lover, and the conventional wisdom in Taylor Swift’s fanbase says that track five is always emotionally heartwrenching. (Past track fives have included “White Horse,” “All Too Well,” and “Delicate.”) Fans think that the title could be a reference to the fact that Ms. Swift is a Sagittarius, which would make her star sign an archer, or it could be referencing a dive bar in London called The Archer. Taylor’s boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn has a home in London. One very brave fan as suggested that “The Archer” will in fact pay tribute to the animated comedy series Archer. Lol.

According to iTunes, the track is produced by frequent Taylor collaboration, Jack Antonoff. Jack tweeted a bow and arrow emoji shortly after the song’s title leaked, seeming to confirm the rumors of his involvement.

The title of track five does indeed line up with easter eggs that Tay has been dropping since the beginning of her rollout for Lover. The music video for the second single off the album, “You Need To Calm Down,” featured an arrow being shot to a target that had a big number five on it. The music video for “ME!” also featured a giant neon sign that said “Lover” with a giant arrow through a heart instead of an ‘o’.

It remains to be seen if “The Archer” will drop tonight or on Friday. But that seems to be a piece of information Taylor is saving to reveal during her livestream.

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