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Trisha Paytas’s The Lizzie McGuire Movie Tribute Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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YouTube / Trisha Paytas
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The Lizzie McGuire Movie is still the best movie of the century, IOHO. Who could ever forget that killer storyline with amazing costumes, choreography, and of course, an award-worthy soundtrack? That’s why our week was absolutely made when Trisha Paytas released her cover of the iconic song “What Dreams Are Made Of” last night, complete with a music video, Lizzie McGuire outfits, and Trisha playing both Hilary Duff characters, Lizzie and Isabella. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we wanted to.

In the video, Trisha plays the Italian superstar and her American doppelganger, complete with the wigs and costumes that are pretty much identical to the fan-favorite 2003 film. You can thank Trisha’s wardrobe designer, Mike Philpot, for that. The video also had a for real producer and director and was edited to make it look like Trisha was actually performing in Rome’s Colosseum. Trisha’s always doing the MOST, and this video perfectly exemplifies it.


In the audience are Trisha’s very own Gordo, Mrs. Ungermyer and Mrs. McGuire, which was played by Trisha’s IRL mom. Sadly, we don’t get a glimpse of Paolo, or get to hear Trisha say the iconic words “sing to me Paolo,” but her choreography and vocals are pretty on point, we must admit.

The video went live last night and already has over 500K views. Lizzie McGuire fans and Trisha stans praised the 31-year-old YouTuber in the comments of the video saying she nailed the cover — with very few haters scattered throughout. (Haters are Trisha’s motivators so she doesn’t really GAF.)

“This video is literal goals. I’ve wanted to do this for so long! Congrats on the execution, well done,” one person commented.

“She nailed this entire scene. Nothing can top this. Good job queen” said another.

“You gotta give it to her. She makes shit happen! How many of us did this in the shower growing up?? This is exactly what dreams are made of,” commented a Lizzie McGuire Movie stan.

Even Trisha’s facial expressions in the video mimic the movie &mdashl it’s insane. We hope she continues to cover some of our favorite old Disney movies — is anyone else dying to see her portray both Troy and Gabriella?

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