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The Originals’ OG Ending Was Much Better, But TVD’s Finale Ruined It

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Our hearts are broken after last night’s series finale for The CW’s The Originals. Sure, we have another The Vampire Diaries spin-off coming called Legacies that will bring back several fan-favorites like Alaric Saltzman, Jeremy Gilbert, and Matt Donovan, but as anyone who’s watched the TVD franchise since it started in 2009, we’ve lost quite a few beloved characters along the way. *Spoilers ahead for the series finale of The Originals* In last night’s episode, we lost a few more. And what’s even worse is that showrunner and creator Julie Plec’s original ending would have spared one of them, and allowed a fave ship to survive.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie said that it was the ending of The Vampire Diaries – with Stefan and Caroline falling in love and Stefan’s tragic sacrifice – that convinced her she couldn’t have Caroline “move past Stefan’s memory to go travel the world for all eternity with Klaus Mikaelson.” However, that was the plan at first. “Early on if you would’ve asked me, ‘Where does Klaus go when this is all over?’ I’d say, ‘He goes to Paris with Caroline Forbes,’” Julie said elsewhere in the interview, making The Originals’ ending sting just slightly more. Caroline lost not one, but two loves in sacrificial acts.

Fans weren’t necessarily shocked with Klaus’s ending in last night’s episoide. Julie had alluded to Klaus’s death in The Originals Comic-Con panel last month when she was asked if Joseph Morgan’s character would ever pop up on Legacies. His daughter is the lead on the show, after all! “[The relationship between Klaus and Hope] is going to be entirely predicated on the ending of The Originals,” she said. “Whether they end beautifully, terribly, whether she rejects them, whether he sacrifices something for her…” Well, The Originals ended with a sacrifice, confirming fans’ fears, not that seeing it coming made it any easier. It’s safe to say that those who’d stuck with the show all this time weren’t necessarily thrilled with the outcome…

Honestly, knowing what could have been makes it even worse…

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