Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Proves She *Really* Understands The Choni Fandom

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The Riverdale cast’s followers know by now that the crew has wrapped on season three. Lili Reinhart posted an Instagram showing the words “Wrap on Betty,” and jetted off to start filming Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Cardi B. The seemingly last people on set in Vancouver to wrap were Nathalie Boltt, Madelaine Petsch, and Vanessa Morgan. Madelaine and Vanessa provided some of the cutest images of our favorite TV couple, but the true Choni gem came from an Instagram video Nathalie filmed of our girl, Vanessa.

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That’s a season 3 wrap on Choni ??

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Nathalie was in the front seat of a car with Vanessa chilling in the back, and Nathalie, who plays Cheryl Blossom’s wicked mother Penelope, says she’s wearing her “killer b*tch nails,” flashing her pointed black acrylics to the camera.

Vanessa explains she’s “jealous” of the ~lewk~, and as Nathalie says, “don’t think anything of it, Penelope’s sweet as pie,” Vanessa quips, “The Choni fandom wouldn’t like it if I had those killer b*tch nails.”

Though it takes the TV mom a moment to ~pick up what V’s putting down~ while she says, “Oh really? What would they do?” she cuts herself off with a, “ohhhh riiiight! I got it. Especially a certain finger,” as Vanessa cutely cackles in the background.

Tbh, she’s not wrong. The fans are having a field day with this quote, though.

We stan a legend who really *gets* her fans and Vanessa is clearly that legend. (Side note: so is Nathalie.)

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