Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Says She Wasn’t Even Invited To Comic-Con This Year

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The CW

Despite being one half of one of the most popular ships on Riverdale, actress Vanessa Morgan confirmed via Twitter yesterday that she won’t be going to Comic-Con when the Riverdale cast and crew officially make an appearance there later this month. The list of Riverdale actors who will be attending this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego has not yet been released, so there’s no official word on whether Madelaine Petsch, who plays Vanessa’s on-screen girlfriend, Cheryl Blossom, will be attending the convention.

San Diego Comic-Con has made a name for itself as the summer’s hottest stop for networks and studios looking to promote their upcoming projects. For a cult show like Riverdale, which has a devoted fan base that devours every word put out by its cast and creators, Comic-Con is a major opportunity to promote the upcoming fourth season and electrify the fanbase with cute cast interactions and hints of what’s to come.

Since Vanessa attended the panel last year, and plays a major role in one of the show’s beloved couples, it’s strange that she won’t be making an appearance this year. With the departure of Josie McCoy (played by actress Ashleigh Murray) to spin-off Katy Keene, Vanessa now plays now one of Riverdale‘s only black characters. Her exclusion from the show’s major marketing push could be an example of what seems to be teen television’s larger tendency to cast black actors, only to fail to promote them or give their characters workable storylines.

Choni fans shouldn’t despair too much, Riverdale panel moderator, Leanne Aguilera, has said that she will definitely be asking questions about Toni’s backstory and her relationship with Cheryl, even in the absence of Toni Topaz herself.

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