Victoria Monét Denies Upcoming Ariana Grande Song Is About Pete Davidson

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Singer/songwriter/member of Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings” crew, Victoria Monét, is clapping back to a suggestion made my E! News that a song on Ari’s upcoming Thank U, Next album called “NASA” is about Pete Davidson.

After the entertainment news site tweeted that there’s a TUN song called “NASA” and Ari’s ex-fiancé has been pictured in a crewneck that says “NASA,” Ariana’s co-writer and longtime BFF set the record straight saying, “I promise we did not write a whole song about this mans [sic] shirt.” She continued, “it’s just a universally common word.”

So, basically, your honor, that’s a reach. Vic and Ari are way too busy taking over the universe to have time to deny every claim that’ll come out with speculation over what all of the upcoming tracks are about. You KNOW “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” is going to bring about a whole slew of juicy gossip. (Is it about Pete/Cazzie David? Or a new person? We need to know.) But for now, we can cross Pete off the list for potential inspiration for “NASA.” Plus, considering Ari’s appreciation for space and the actual NASA has been dated back to 2014, the song is probably about the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. But what do we know?

She first teased the song in early October, before she and Pete had even broken up. Check out Ari’s full tracklist here:

Thank U, Next, the album, is out on February 8!

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