This Viral Paint-ception Tweet Is Everything

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Reddit is 90% terrifying, 10% amazing. From that 10% came a viral Tweet breaking down the biggest recursive painting chain likely in history.

It all started when Redditor Gaddafo posted this adorable photo of his mom holding up her wonderful second painting ever with the caption, “My mom painted this and said no one would like it. It’s her 2nd painting.”

The post received 75.7k upvotes, but not just because of the sweet family vibes. A commenter, Cacahahadoodoo, asked for someone to paint a picture of the mother holding her painting, and that spiraled into a fully-blown recursion spiral.

This Tweet shows only the first few of forty-three paintings-within-a-paintings, which the original poster on Twitter, @nick_kapur, has tried his best to map out on github.

Even funnier, user @KloppClips drew the original tweet including thumbnails of the first four iterations of the painting.

Now, commenters are wondering how and when the cycle can be completed. One artist tried to paint the original egret engulfing the painting-within-a-painting-within-a-painting, but others are hoping for a portrait of the egret painting the final version of the artwork or for the mother to paint everything, thus closing the circle.

CBC interviewed the mother, Cindi Decker, a teacher from Jacksonville, Florida who assumed he was just going to Snapchat the photo to his friends. She joined Reddit to formally thank the first copycat, Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand, and has been dubbed the “honorary mom of Reddit,” which is awesome because all Reddit users need better parents.