A Viral Tweet Got A Bachelorette Contestant Kicked Off The Show & There’s More To Come

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Tell me why I’m suddenly super protective of Hannah Brown? I honestly could not have cared less about her during Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor, but now that Hannah Beast is gearing up to find love in a heap of losers on The Bachelorette, I’m ready to drop kick anyone who’s there for the wrong reasons. Filming hasn’t even started, and a Bachelorette contestant has already gotten kicked off for bad behavior after a viral tweet revealed him to be a creeper.

Matt Dione, whom I already exposed as being a living, breathing red flag, was called out on Twitter for harassing a girl in her Instagram DMs for two years, from January 2017 until last November.

Apparently, Matt is a repeat offender:

*And* a skeevy cheater!

The original tweet went viral and was picked up by the Betches podcast and Michaela Okland‘s SheRatesDogs account. Matt was kicked off of The Bachelorette because of these girls’ receipts, but in a now-deleted Tweet, Michaela said she’d been getting suss DM’s about some of the other guys and was waiting to release them until the girls felt comfortable sharing their stories. Demi Burnett is even more protective of Hannah B. than I am (probably because she actually knows her, IDK) and demanded Michaela spill the tea:

Obvi, Michaela complied because she’s a feminist and a humanitarian, but TBD on when/if this information comes forward. With Demi on her side, though, we’re sure Hannah B. will be just fine.

This isn’t the first time this week that SheRatesDogs used its powers for good. On March 10, the account found a Tweet about an AP Econ teacher inappropriately DMing one of his high school students that spiraled into multiple accounts of female students being harassed. SheRatesDogs shared a petition made by the students to do something about Mr. Bays that only had ninety-three signatures, and by the end of the week, the petition had five thousand signatures and the teacher resigned in shame:

TL;DR apparently Twitter is the feminist weapon for change we’ve all been looking for. First this teacher, now Matt D. from The Bachelorette. Who’s next, the president? TBD on whether any of the other tea is going to be spilled before Hannah B.’s season starts, but either way, we need to protect her at all costs.

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