Viral Video Shows White People Still Can’t Dance: Blocboy JB “Shoot” Dance Fail

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There really aren’t words for the emotions I felt while watching the newest Twitter viral video. Unbridled joy? Fear? Shame? All of the above?

@bradchuu posted this iconic five-second clip at 6AM yesterday, and the video has already racked up over 1.77 million views (and it’s gone up by .20 million since I began writing this article). In the clip, Oklahoma University sophomore Jacob Lee (@the__meanager) attempts the viral dance craze stolen popularized by Fortnite and promptly yeets himself over the edge of a stage. Jacob seems unscathed by the fall, considering he retweeted the video yesterday, so we can all cry laughing without any guilt. Jacob’s fall is the most graceful part of his dance, proving definitively that white people should probably leave viral dance crazes to people who can actually dance. I say this as an extremely caucasian person who also needs to stop trying to floss. (Then again, that’s reserved for kids under the age of 10 so IDK.) My bad, guys.

The “Shoot” dance was recently the latest subject in a chain of lawsuits against Epic Games for the unlicensed use of viral dance crazes including Milly‘s copyright infringement case against Fortnite for using the Milly Rock and Alfonso Ribeiro‘s suit regarding their use of the Carlton. Just yesterday, TMZ reported that the actual creator of the shoot, Blocboy JB, is suing Epic Games for including the dance in Fortnite and is in the process of copyrighting the move.

Where (this lawsuit) landing, boys? Also, apparently people are sliding into the DM’s of the guy who took a tumble, so everyone wins (except Blocboy JB, probably).

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