Why You Won’t See Lili Reinhart Pole Dance In Hustlers

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Lili Pole Dancing

Instagram / Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart’s new movie Hustlers is out this month and fans literally cannot contain their excitement. The movie follows four former strip club employees — played by Lili, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lopez, and Constance Wu — who form a heist group to steal from their wealthy Wall Street clients. Because of the nature of the movie, fans have been highly anticipating Lili’s stripping scenes, but unfortunately, we won’t be getting a glimpse of the 22-year-old Riverdale actress on a pole any time soon.

In an interview with Pop Buzz, Lili and her co-star Keke Palmer revealed that they don’t have any pole dancing scenes in the movie.

“I was ready to do a pole dance but my character didn’t call for that,” said Lili. “I more so just took two lessons for experience and for fun, but you don’t actually see me do it in the movie — which is a bummer. Maybe in the future I’ll do it. I liked it! I got the hang of it.”

Keke continued: “Lili and I were both like, ‘Oh, we’re ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille!’ We were so into the pole thing but for our characters, it wasn’t called for us to do that. We did take a class together and we loved it, but other than that …”

Darn! Lili has shared some photos of herself during a pole dancing class before and she was NOT LYING when she said she got the hang of it.

Lili Pole Dancing

Instagram / Lili Reinhart

In the interview, Lili and Keke also revealed who they would pick for their ideal heist squad, and of course, their go-to choice was the Hustlers cast. “I mean honestly, why not the people we were in the movie with?” Kele said. “I mean, [Lili] is unassuming. I’m kind of like the distraction. JLo’s the mastermind and Constance is the one that keeps it like, streamlined. I feel like we do kind of have those personalities.”

Hustlers comes out on September 13th and we’ll be RUSHING to our local theater to see it regardless of Lili’s absent pole scenes.

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