Meet Mckenna Grace: Netflix’s CAOS Casts Young Sabrina Spellman

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In a move that J-14 predicted like a month ago, Netflix has cast Mckenna Grace to play a young Sabrina Spellman on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s upcoming holiday special.

Mckenna looks insanely similar to Chilling Adventures star Kiernan Shipka, with the twelve-year-old actress even joking about the resemblance on her Twitter account in January of this year. Side note: why does a twelve-year-old have a Twitter? Am I old?

Mckenna’s “Lil Sabrina” will be seen in flashbacks during the December 14 episode, “A Midwinter’s Tale,” as the precocious mini-witch goes to great lengths to ask Santa for a special gift. The holiday episode revolves around the Church of Night’s Winter Solstice celebration and teen Sabrina’s attempts to contact her mother while the veil between worlds is thinnest on the longest night of the year. ‘Tis the season to conduct a séance, fa la la la la.

Mckenna may be young, but her resume eclipses those of actors three times her age with roles in Oscar-winning films, Marvel blockbusters, and primetime network dramas. Mckenna portrayed a young Tonya Harding in 2017’s I, Tonya, a young Carol Danvers in 2019’s upcoming Captain Marvel, and was recently seen as a young Theodora Crain on Netflix’s other buzzworthy show The Haunting of Hill House. Mckenna has also been seen in reccuring roles on shows like Fuller House, Designated Survivor, and CSI: Cyber, in addition to starring alongside Chris Evans in the film Gifted and Bella Thorne in the horror movie Amityville: The Awakening. This child has accomplished more in twelve years than most of us probably will in our entire lives.

Hopefully casting Mckenna means Salem the Cat will get more screentime on Chilling Adventures. Although Kiernan is allergic to the adorable cat, Mckenna is an outspoken animal activist who has worked with Farm Sanctuary and PETA, including a campaign against leaving dogs in hot cars.

There’s no word on whether Mckenna will be featured in Part 2 of the Netflix Original, but two new recurring guest stars were announced for the second installment of the series with the news of Mckenna’s upcoming role, Deadline reports. Alexis Denisof will play Ms. Wardwell’s returning boyfriend who’s unaware that his fiancé is now a vessel for a centuries-old demoness, Madame Satan, while Jedidiah Goodacre will portray Dorian Gray (yes, that Dorian Gray), who has been reimagined as the secretive owner of an exclusive nightclub.

There’s no word on when we can expect Chilling Adventures‘ second installment, but the cast is currently filming in Vancouver, and rumor has it we might get new episodes as early as February 2019. *Squeals*

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