19 Fake Character Accents You Probably Thought Were Real

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When it comes to an actor transforming him or herself to embody their new character, they pull out all the stops. They do their research, duh – then sometimes embark on some crazy diets and workout regimines to become the person they’ve been cast to play. Some performers even go method and start acting like their character 24/7. But another thing some actors need to do to get in character? Morph their voices to drop the accents they were born with and put on a totally foreign one. Considering the fact that they can do so without ever slipping into their native dialect, we’re beyond impressed.

Of course, since authentic accents play such an integral role in every fictional character‘s credibility and overall appeal, we imagine that these celebs did their homework and trained with a dialect coach round the clock. But still, you’ve got to admit, it’s rather striking to see how they can easily switch off their real accents to put on another!

See which character accents were so convincing you probably thought they were real:

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