19 Fake Character Accents You Probably Thought Were Real

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Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight

Warner Bros. Pictures

Portrayed by: Christian Bale

If you’re familiar with his work, then you already know that the British actor rarely ever does roles with his native accent. Aside from his role as Bruce Wayne, he’s taken on several other roles where he sounded genuinely American. And so of course, fans took it upon themselves to ask him why it seems so much more challenging for Americans to perfect the British accent.

In a Reddit thread, he explained: “You know what the mistake is people make? Imitating other films instead of imitating other people. Because, and especially in Americans doing English accents, why shouldn’t they be able to do them impeccably? It’s because, largely, you get a sort of middle to upper-class accent that is represented in film and in television that makes it way across the Atlantic and then all Americans think all English speak that way which is absolute bollocks. So it would be actually go to the place and talk to the people and it’s the same way going the other way.” Good point!

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