19 Fake Character Accents You Probably Thought Were Real

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Felix from Orphan Black

BBC America

Portrayed by: Jordan Gavaris

He may sound like a true Brit on the show, but Felix is actually not British at all. Jordan is a Canadian actor who worked closely with a dialect coach to become Felix on Orphan Black. But he also proved to the world that it is possible to master the British accent!

In fact, he nailed it so well that he fooled other British people into thinking that he was one of them. He said: “Even Jerome Flynn thought I was English. This was last year. I saw him again at TCA and he thought I was English. Maria Doyle Kennedy [who plays Mrs. S.] thought I was English in the read through. When I turned it off after the read through, she was very taken aback. But I love the accent. It’s given me freedom to go after other roles and auditions, to experiment with different voices. This role has been by far the most liberating experience that anyone my age could have.”

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