19 Fake Character Accents You Probably Thought Were Real

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Jo Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy


Portrayed by: Camilla Luddington

Like her Grey’s co-star, Kevin, Camilla also hid her native accent on the show (she’s from Ascot, Berkshire, England). While filming a scene for an episode, she and Kevin actually used their accents to play a little prank. She once tweeted: “McKidd and I may or may not have just played a joke on our director and used our real accents for the entire take of a scene.” LOL!

If you’re wondering how she managed to pull off the American accent so well, it just might be because she’s been practicing since childhood. She said: “Even at five, I would go to the supermarket and pretend I had an American accent. I knew I wanted to act and that Hollywood and America were where the movie stars were. So to impersonate an American was the coolest thing.”

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