19 Fake Character Accents You Probably Thought Were Real

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Chris Washington from Get Out

Universal Pictures

Portrayed by: Daniel Kaluuya

Did anyone else freak out when they learned that Daniel (aka the American photographer who went to visit his girlfriend’s parents in Get Out) was actually British? He blended in so well that he literally could’ve gotten away with convincing everyone he was really an American!

In an interview, he explained how people tend to react when they hear his real accent: “People are weirded out. They’re like, ‘Oh, you’re British, man?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah I am, mate.’ It’s tough because I just stay in the accent. If I haven’t got like family around or my girl around I just stay in the American accent, like going to Walmart and stay in an American accent, and then when someone’s figured out, they’re flipping out. But I think it really helps ’cause I like to improvise on set.”

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