13 Crazy Disney Channel Rumors That Were Proven False

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Girl Meets World got canceled because Rowan didn’t get along with the cast, especially Sabrina

Fans were devastated to hear that Girl Meets World wouldn’t be renewed for another season, and unfortunately, all of the blame was placed on Rowan Blanchard. Even though there’s literally nothing to prove this, someone started a rumor about Rowan not getting along with her castmates. Even worse, people alleged that she was faking her close friendship with Sabrina Carpenter the whole time.

Though she doesn’t usually comment on rumors, she (understandably) felt inclined to set the record straight on this one. Contrary to what people were saying, she absolutely loved the cast. And regarding her “pretend friendship” with Sabrina, she mentioned that just the idea of faking a friendship made her sick. These rumors clearly took a toll on her and she didn’t deserve any of this.

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