13 Crazy Disney Channel Rumors That Were Proven False

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Miley Cyrus was pregnant while she was on Hannah Montana


Back in 2007, tons of fans caught wind of what was believed to be a major scoop: Miley Cyrus herself “confirmed” that she was expecting. Someone had uploaded an image of a J-14 article entitled “Miley’s Meltdown,” which quoted the actress saying that her pregnancy was “accidental” and that she’d gained seven pounds.

However, the source that fans and outlets got this news from was actually a doctored version of the magazine’s story, which was only about Miley’s gross habits. According to Janet Giovanelli, J-14’s former editor in chief, someone scanned a copy of the page, altered the article and then put it online. She said: “It was an outrageous story, with grammatical errors and misspellings. But what amazed me was that so many legitimate sites picked up on it, but they didn’t check with us to make sure it was true.” Yikes. The magazine immediately released a statement to explain what happened, also providing the real version of their story.

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