13 Crazy Disney Channel Rumors That Were Proven False

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Dove Cameron had a major feud with China Anne McClain while filming Descendants 2

For some reason, fans were under the impression that Dove didn’t like her on-screen rival and was jealous of her. Tons of YouTube fans commented that there was bad blood between the two when the video for “Carscendants” was put up. Plus, someone actually went as far as publishing a detailed video of all the times Dove threw “shady” glances China’s way.

When Dove heard about the ridiculous rumor, she spoke up on Twitter, saying that she doesn’t have the energy to be shady to anyone and that she and China couldn’t love each other more. To further prove her point, she also shared a screenshot of her recent texts with China, which were filled with voice messages. This definitely doesn’t sound like something that people in a feud would do.

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