13 Crazy Disney Channel Rumors That Were Proven False

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And she was a total diva on set

People are usually quick to assume that the main star of a movie or show is a diva – especially if they tend to get most of the spotlight. Unfortunately, Dove was accused of being just that. When a fan tweeted about having a huge crush on the actress, she responded in jest, claiming “she’s a total diva.” However, one follower suggested there was truth to the statement, claiming that she sits apart from her castmates and is “perched higher” in selfies.

Of course, Dove couldn’t just let that slide. She responded: “You do know that people TELL us where to sit in interviews and who is supposed to take the selfies, right? that’s not up to us…lol.” And as an added bonus, her boyfriend Thomas Doherty and her fans chimed in by trolling the Twitter user himself. This ought to be a fair warning to not mess with Dove.

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