13 Crazy Disney Channel Rumors That Were Proven False

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Dove was also dating her Descendants Director

This is just beyond disturbing. For a while, fans have been reading into literally every photo of Dove Cameron and her Descendants director, Kenny Ortega. People found their friendly embraces way too inappropriate and some have claimed that Dove looked “uncomfortable” and “scared” when she was with him.

On Instagram, one fan was forward enough to claim that Kenny was “grabbing up” on her in a particular photo. But Dove called the person out, saying that they have “no basis” for such a disturbing claim. For one, Dove was in a relationship at the time and Kenny has been openly gay for years. She also clarified that the famous director and choreographer is like a father to her, which would explain why she’s so comfortable around him. So yes, this rumor was only a figment of someone’s (gross) imagination.

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