Fans Demand Refunds For Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul’s Wedding Livestream

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Jana Wedding Refund

Instagram / Jake Paul

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau allegedly tied the knot in Las Vegas last weekend. Like everything in Tana and Jake’s life, the couple wanted their wedding to be viewed by people all over the world … for a lot of cash dollars. The newlyweds live-streamed their wedding ceremony for a fee of $50 last Sunday, but fans of the YouTubers are demanding a refund after their streams crashed.

According to TMZ, 66,000 people paid anywhere from $50-75 to watch their fave YouTube couple say “I do” last week. Fans were able to watch the wedding via a streaming app named Halogen, however, as the ceremony was taking place, streamers complained that the video was lagging, losing audio, shakey and freezing, as well as the fact that it only lasted 10 minutes. How can you express your love for someone in 10 minutes?!

TMZ reports that multiple fans who complained about the stream have been refunded by Apple Store and Google Play for their purchase of the app and stream. In response to the terrible stream, Halogen has released a statement saying: “Sometimes onsite technical issues with third-party production providers used by creators can cause fans to experience issues while viewing streams.”

The refunds come after multiple fans took to Twitter to complain about the quality of Jake and Tana’s wedding stream.

Viewers may have gotten refunds for their stream, but we don’t see Tana and Jake being refunded for their seemingly fake wedding … or the people who bought them gifts.

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