The Most Epic Game of Thrones Battles, Definitively Ranked

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Game of Thrones is known for plenty of things. The giant, soaring dragons. The often-explicit sex scenes. And the titular “game of thrones” as people vie for a spot on the Iron Throne. But it’s also known for orchestrating some of the craziest battle scenes TV has ever seen. They’re more often than not brutal and violent. They’re also usually choreographed so well you can barely tell you’re watching a TV scene at all! As the years have gone on, and the budgets have gotten bigger, the battles have naturally gotten better, better, and more shocking to match!

But not all battles on Game of Thrones are created equal. Some are a bit lackluster or almost passed-over entirely. Early-series budget concerns prevented viewers from seeing some insane battles to their fullest. On the other hand, some of the most memorable battles on the show weren’t even between warring battalions but were just two skilled people duking it out. Here is the definitive ranking of all of the crazy, major battles on Game of Thrones from worst to first!


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