The Most Epic Game of Thrones Battles, Definitively Ranked

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4. The Loot Train Battle

Episode: Season 7, Episode 4, “The Spoils of War”

By this point in the series, Dany has made it to Westeros and is itching to show her true power — and the power of her dragons. While she’s advised not to char the current Queen to ash and take over the Iron Throne, she has to assert her power somehow. So she targets Jaime Lannister and his men as they journey home from Highgarden with piles of gold. With Drogon and a horde of Dothraki beside her, she makes her presence in Westeros known as she finally prepares to take her place on the Iron Throne. These men had never seen dragons and had only heard about them in legend, suddenly just to find themselves fighting her biggest one. This is one of the most satisfying battles on Game of Thrones as we see Dany finally give her enemies a taste of her immense power.


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