The Most Epic Game of Thrones Battles, Definitively Ranked

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11. Dany vs. The Slavers

Episode: Season 6, Episode 9, “Battle of the Bastards”

While this is one of the more thrilling battles in Essos between Dany and her enemies, it also suffers from being the least interesting battle on this particular episode (more on that later). “Battle of the Bastards” is easily the most entertaining episode in Slaver’s Bay and Dany completes her final coup of the Masters of Mereen and Sons of the Harpy. When they expect her to surrender, she shows them how powerful she really is, sicking her dragons on their fleet and burning their men. It’s a triumphant battle for Dany right before she sets sail for Westeros and puts a successful cap on her journey through Slaver’s Bay.


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