18 of the Biggest Triple Threats that Dominate Hollywood

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Most of the people in Hollywood are super talented. Ignoring the “famous for nothing” stars, there are plenty of skilled musicians, actors, and artists floating around the entertainment industry. Some of these folks are lucky to be adept at more than one thing. They can pretty much do it all. These celebs don’t have one or two skills, they have three or more, meaning these triple threats are almost unstoppable in Hollywood!

The most common triple threats in Hollywood have some combination of singing, dancing, modeling, and acting on their resume. But a few have other handy skills, like designing and comedy. There is no surer way to dominate the world than to be amazing at basically everything! There are plenty of stars who can act, dance, model, or sing. But to be able to truly do it all? Incomparable. Also totally unfair! We wish we had one of these incredible talents! Here are the most skilled stars in Hollywood proving they can truly do it all.

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