18 of the Biggest Triple Threats that Dominate Hollywood

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Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake social network acting

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Talents: singing, acting, dancing

Timberlake first rose to prominence in one of the biggest boy bands of the century. In *NSYNC, he proved he could sing and dance with the best of them. He even launched a solo career after the band disbanded and was even more successful. By the mid-’00s he put his music career on hold to tackle another talent: acting. He starred in movies like The Social Network and showed us on Saturday Night Live that he had comedy skills, too. Timberlake is someone who doesn’t just pick up hobbies he happens to be good at. He finds himself being the best in the room at everything he tries. As far as triple threats go, Timberlake may be one of the best in the biz.

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