18 of the Biggest Triple Threats that Dominate Hollywood

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Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman the greatest showman

Laurence Mark Productions

Talents: acting, singing, dancing

Upon first look at Hugh Jackman you may think his tough-guy persona as Wolverine is all there is to him. While he’s great at acting like the biggest badass in the room, he’s also an incredibly talented showman. Every one of his “threats” can be seen in the film The Greatest Showman where he acts, sings, and dances his heart out. Jackman has even been on Broadway, winning a Tony Award for his role in The Boy From Oz. Oh, and he’s an accomplished host always bringing his musical theater background to the shows he’s MCing! Jackman is truly one of the most talented triple threats around. He’s got six-pack abs, a beautiful voice, and he’s light on his feet. What could be better?

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