18 of the Biggest Triple Threats that Dominate Hollywood

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Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus triple threats billboard music awards


Talents: singing, acting, philanthrapy

Yes, we’re county philanthropy as a talent here because Cyrus just does it so well! She has started her own charity, The Happy Hippie Foundation, and has donated her time and money to several charities, events, and organizations over the years. While many judge her by her image, she’s amazing at being low-key supportive of the world around her. She clearly isn’t asking for anything in return — i.e. good press! — which is why we count this as one of her greatest talents. Aside from the philanthropy, Cyrus is well known for her acting and singing endeavors. Her first project was a TV show where she was a singer! Her music has taken the reigns in recent years but she’s also been involved in several film projects.

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