18 of the Biggest Triple Threats that Dominate Hollywood

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Queen Latifah

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Talents: acting, singing, producing

When Latifah first burst onto the scene, it was for her rap career. In the early ’90s, she was one of the biggest things in hip-hop, helping to integrate women into the music style. She was a rapper all the way up until her last rap album in 2002 and then she changed the game and started dabbling in soul and jazz stylings, much different from her previous releases. She proved that she was great at anything and everything musical! But music isn’t the only talent she has. She’s also been in films and on television for decades, churning out comedy hits like Girls Trip. She’s one of the many musical triple threats in Hollywood but she’s truly carved out an acting career all her own. She was the executive producer of Scream Queens on MTV, too!

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