17 Iconic TV Shows Turning 25 This Year

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One of the most iconic years for TV premieres was most definitely 1994. So many of the most beloved sitcoms, dramas, and even reality TV shows made their debut during that year. The crazy thing? Most of these shows are still watched and revered to this very day. Considering these shows turn 25(!) this year, that’s a huge accomplishment! Thanks to the rise of streaming, we’re able to enjoy these shows decades after they originally aired. These incredible shows have lived on far after their series finales and now, 25 years later, we can see just how important they’ve been to television as a whole.

These shows turning 25 are some of the most impactful of all time. Friends changed the world of sitcoms forever. Ellen featured a coming out story that was unheard of on television at the time. Oh, and Extra is still on to this day! Talk about lasting impact! We almost can’t believe all of these amazing shows aired in one year. Nowadays, it’s a lucky year for TV if one or two new series stick around for season two. Here are the iconic TV shows turning 25 this year that we still love to this day!

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