Why Was Jackie Geary Recast On The Goldbergs?

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Jackie Geary Recast


If you’re a fan of The Goldbergs on ABC then you probably realized that this season, there was a character randomly recast on season six of the show — Adam Goldberg’s young love originally played by Rowan Blanchard. Yep, the Jackie Geary recast has caused a bit of a stir among Goldbergs fans, and rightfully so. Rowan, made famous on Disney Channel‘s Girl Meets World was the perfect portrayal of the IRL Jackie (because, in case you forgot, the show is based on the creator’s real childhood back in the ’80s and Jackie is a real person). However, when fans came for Adam after season six’s premiere asking, basically, ‘why the f&^% was Jackie Geary recast?’, the creator wanted to set the record straight saying that Rowan was replaced by Alexis G. Zall because the OG actress decided to quit the show prematurely.

“I did not recast anyone,” Adam F. Goldberg declared on Twitter. “The actress passed for the season.” He continued, “It doesn’t matter if she came back and look[s] different, Adam and Jackie will always be Adam and Jackie.”

What he’s referring to, of course, is that Jackie’s new ~lewk~ is punk, which is a contrast to the good girl aesthetic Jackie was rockin’ when Rowan Blanchard was in the role. You can check out the creator’s tweets below:

So, there you have it! If you’ve been searching for a reason for the Jackie Geary recast on The Goldbergs, it’s pretty simple. Like Ross Butler on Riverdale and Jake T. Austin on The Fosters, Rowan decided to opt out of future seasons, leading to the character she played taking on a new face. That’s just the way it’s gotta be sometimes!

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