20 Iconic Lizzie McGuire Fashion Moments

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Colorful Camo

Lizzie McGuire Camo

Walt Disney Pictures

This outfit foreshadowed Hill’s future in DCOM Cadet Kelly, we just didn’t know it. Everyone knows that camouflage print is only made for the coolest of the cool tweens, and that’s why Lizzie McGuire was decked out in it almost constantly. This entire ‘fit was a masterpiece head-to-toe — we need to know who was in charge of fashion on this show STAT and what work they’re doing now. Her shirt is a neon pink which makes it ironic as camouflage. You’re not blending into anything with that color, girl! She’s also put a lot of thought into her accessories — a choker, obviously, and some adorable pigtails. Nothing screams all-American pre-teen like some good pigtails, I’ll tell you that.

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