16 Love Triangles Where the Right Choice Was Obvious

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Love triangles are a fixture of film and television. You pretty much can’t have a movie or show that doesn’t have some sort of love triangle ~drama~. But in some instances, the “right choice” is insanely easy to determine and the constant back-and-forth is almost unbearable. Sometimes, it’s like, a stupidly easy decision. But the hero or heroine will still spend the entirety of the show or movie trying to pick who here true love really is. All the while we’re screaming at the screen that they can’t possibly pick the obviously wrong choice! Or can they? They often do, to be honest, but that doesn’t make the clear “right choice” less right!

Some love triangle outcomes are depressingly wrong. Some make you so happy you want to burst. And some are fodder for internet debates for years to come because #OTP’s never die y’all. But no matter what, there will always be undeniable “right choices” in some of the biggest love triangles in entertainment. It’s just common sense! No matter who the protagonist chooses as their ~one and only~ we know that in these love triangles the “right choice” was insanely easy!

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