16 Love Triangles Where the Right Choice Was Obvious

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Lorelai, Luke/Christopher from Gilmore Girls

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The right choice: Luke

It’s easy to want Christopher (David Sutcliffe) to be the victor in another one of this shows love triangles. He was Rory’s father, he was well-off, and he clearly loved Lorelai (Lauren Graham). But he was also flaky and insincere and flaunted his wealth in a way that was the polar opposite of Lorelai’s personality. Luke, on the other hand, knew Lorelai backward and forwards. From her coffee order to how she raised her daughter, he knew more than Chris could ever hope to. And that’s why in the end she ended up with the right choice and chose Luke. This is one of the rare love triangles where it works out for the couple that should actually be together!

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