16 Love Triangles Where the Right Choice Was Obvious

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Allie, Noah/Lon from The Notebook

New Line Cinema

The right choice: Lon

This may get some hate, but hear me out! Lon (James Marsden) was undeniable the right choice for Allie (Rachel McAdams). Let’s look at the evidence: he has a steady job, loves the hell out of her, and even allows her to explore her feelings for Noah (Ryan Gosling). Noah, on the other hand, spends his life obsessed with a girl he knew for a summer and then didn’t speak to again for about a decade. Who knows if these two would even be compatible now! They’ve lived entire, full lives apart but think ~love~ is the biggest thing determining they’re meant to be? In movie-land, maybe, but thinking practically about it, it would never work out in the long run between these two. She definitely should have stuck with stable Lon!

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