16 Love Triangles Where the Right Choice Was Obvious

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Joey, Pacey/Dawson from Dawson’s Creek

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The right choice: Pacey

Duh, of course it’s Pacey (Joshua Jackson)! For one, he never cried like a psycho the way Dawson (James Van Der Beek) did. And for another, he truly took the time to get to know every inch of Joey’s personality before pursuing her. Dawson knew her well through childhood, sure, but Pacey saw her evolving into a woman and took it all in. He didn’t try to chase her down or guilt her into anything the way Dawson often did. Pacey let her be her, and if she ended up with him then all the better. Joey (Katie Holmes) is a girl that needed the freedom to be herself and Pacey gave it to her. And that’s why he’ll always and forever be the right choice. End of story.

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