16 Love Triangles Where the Right Choice Was Obvious

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Veronica, Piz/Logan from Veronica Mars


The right choice: Piz

This is going to totally rattle “LoVe” shippers, but Piz (Chris Lowell) was by far the better choice in this love triangle. While Logan (Jason Dohring) is sexy, exciting, and passionate, he’s also reckless, dangerous, and gets himself in a fair share of trouble. Veronica (Kristen Bell) gets into enough trouble herself. She definitely doesn’t need his problems in her life. Piz was a nerdy dude who loved music and Veronica and just liked hanging out and being happy. Sure, they didn’t have the magnetism that she and Logan had, but they had stability and a true respect for each other. Something that Logan couldn’t manage over the course of the whole series.

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