Maluma’s “Passionate Kiss” On The Lips With His Mom Stirs Up Controversy

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Colombian singer and songwriter Maluma has people feeling all kinds of ways after he posted a photo to his Instagram wishing his mom a happy mother’s day. It’s the photo he posted, though, that had some raising their eyebrows.

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Feliz día amor de mi vida, FELIZ DÍA MADRE ❤️

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The image was picked up by PopCrave, who wrote, “Maluma shares passionate kiss with his mom in new photo celebrating #MothersDay.” Instantly, the replies were flooded with responses saying that there was something unnatural about a mother and son kissing in such a way.

But there were some coming to Maluma’s defense after the photos and saying that kissing a parent on the lips is common in Latinx cultures and not nearly as weird as some are making it out to seem. One fan commented on the photo, saying, “There’s no need to always make a comment on others’ lives.. That’s his mom. So is that a big deal to kiss your mom..? It’s a part of that culture. Maybe it was a little passionate but it lasted for a few seconds though in the photo it looks like it’s prolonged… and for those people who’re saying ‘he’s white’ ‘white things,’ he is Colombian. Plus, y’all aren’t supposed to make fun of any community period.” [Note: the previous comment has been edited for spelling and grammar errors.]

And then there was a whole ‘nother side of the public’s response — people who weren’t really coming out either way about the how natural a mother-son kiss like that is — just saying they want Maluma to kiss them like that… so, LOL.

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