31 Movies That Shattered Celebrity Relationships

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2

20th Century Fox

Working on movies can be a personal, intimate business. Actors get to know each other very well in short periods of time, and directors can be even worse. Given all that intimacy, it’s not a surprise that there have been a large number of affairs on movie sets over the course of Hollywood’s history. You could call these movies life-changing. Oftentimes, those affairs are carried out even though one or both parties involved is married or in another relationship. Oftentimes, this cheating leads to the end of that other relationship.

Maybe the new relationships that are formed on set last for years, but just as frequently, they’re over by the time production wraps. Whatever the case may be, the off-screen drama around a movie is often just as interesting as what happens in front of the camera. Let’s face it, celebrities have more affairs than they should, and many are a direct result of a particular project. These are 31 movies that ended relationships.

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