15 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters Ranked by Time on Screen

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Avengers Endgame


After Avengers: Endgame, there are 22 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These films, which started out as a crazy experiment, have since morphed into a world-conquering success story for everyone involved in them. Along the way, we’ve met dozens of characters. These movies have come out over the course of 11 years, and some of those characters have been forgotten. Others have amassed quite a bit of screen time.

This list totals the screen time of the 15 most prominent characters in the MCU across every movie. Some entries won’t be very surprising. Lower down, though, there are some interesting inclusions and exclusions that might astonish you. Screen time is one of the best ways to figure out what the priorities of this series really are. They also speak to what its future might look like. Here are

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