20 Of The Most Ridiculous Plotlines On Glee

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It’s hard to remember the days when Glee was praised as being transcendent, quirkily charming, or the best show on television. Its second season averaged ten million viewers per episode, and the show has won six Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, and one Screen Actors’ Guild award. What we do remember is that time John Stamos drugged the glee club with laughing gas so they could hallucinate they were Britney Spears and the episode when Sue Sylvester shows up to Ms. Pillsbury’s wedding wearing an exact replica of her wedding dress. Even in its critically adored early seasons, Glee featured some truly ridiculous storylines that were completely unnecessary for the plot progression or character arcs. The series entire instigating story arc revolved around a teacher framing a student for drug possession and that student believing his girlfriend got pregnant from hot tub water, for crying out loud.

I stumbled upon an old Twitter thread by @alisonluffs about terrible Glee storylines and was stunned by how hilariously bad some of the stories mentioned in its eleven thousand replies were. Then I remembered some that weren’t even mentioned! Now, you know exactly which episodes to go back and watch. Relive the worst mistake of your awkward teen phase: being a Glee stan. Break out your signed Warblers CD (I know you have one), pop some popcorn, and let me know which of these plots made you laugh the hardest down in the comments.

Mercedes Trashed Kurt’s Car

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Let’s start with something that happened during Glee‘s third episode. That’s right, it only took three episodes for the writers of Glee to lean super far into the weirdest aspects of the show, with Mercedes Jones breaking Kurt’s windshield with a rock while singing the iconic cheating clapback, “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan. Why did she do this? Because she has a crush on Kurt Hummel, who she somehow didn’t immediately realize was gay, and was told that Kurt had a crush on Rachel Berry. Clearly, the normal thing to do when your crush doesn’t like you back is to beat their car with a rock while cheerleaders in bathing suits dance behind you…

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