31 On-Screen Couples Who Didn’t Get Along In Real Life

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It’s important in any working environment to get along with your coworkers. It’s even more important if your entire job is convincing the world that you and your coworker are undyingly in love. Thus, the chemistry read was born. This is how so many celebrity couples get together because some casting director somewhere did their job a little too well. In spite of rounds of auditions meant solely to ensure that a central couple will get along in front of the cameras, some onscreen couples grow to really, really dislike each other off-screen.

Some actors are so talented, we would never guess that they couldn’t be in the same room with each other. For others, it’s a little more clear, even in their films. In the most extreme cases, actors have left well-paying gigs because they just could not stand the sight of their costar any longer. We live for drama. Take a look at some of the on-screen couples who didn’t like each other IRL.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, The Notebook

New Line Cinema

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams might be the two most attractive people on the planet, which is probably why The Notebook will live on in history of one of the best romance movies of all time. Their characters didn’t originally get along (who can forget Noah Jr. hanging from that ferris wheel while Allie screams that Fine, she’ll go out with him!! Ugh, wow.) and apparently, neither did the actors. Director Nick Cassavetes recalls screaming matches between the two, and Ryan asking for a stand-in to read Rachel’s lines so that he wouldn’t have to try to act while looking at Rachel’s face. A bit dramatic, but okay. The pair wound up dating for three years after filming completed, showing that sometimes those chemistry reads know more about you than you do.

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