16 On-Screen Siblings That Don’t Look Related At All

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It’s always fascinating to see on-screen relatives who bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. Just look at Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison from The Fosters or Poppi Monroe and Annie McElwain, who passed as twins in Disney Channel‘s Double Teamed. Any casting director will tell you that it’s hard enough to find actors with strong enough chemistry to be believable as relatives. So if they also happen to look alike, it’s safe to say that they hit the jackpot.

It’s exactly why, in roughly 99 percent of the shows and films you’ve seen, the relatives usually look nothing alike. Actors can do a great job of portraying their familial bond, but sometimes it’s kind of hard to ignore the fact that they don’t look related at all. Still, we can at least appreciate the fact that casting directors usually try their best. And besides, we can understand why they’d value great acting skills and on-screen chemistry over physical appearance. See which fictional siblings don’t look alike at all..

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