15 Times Iconic Scenes Were Recreated In Other Movies

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Just like certain experiences can make us experience déjà vu, watching certain movie scenes can give us that same uncanny feeling of having seen them before. Watching a film for the very first time and coming across a certain sequence or character that feels overwhelmingly familiar is almost like struggling to remember a word that’s right at the tip of your tongue. But if you have an awesome memory and you’ve seen your fair share of popular classics, then you already know that many of these scenes were actually inspired by other films.

A few of these recreated scenes are easy to miss if you’re not familiar with the movies that inspired them. And when most fans do recognize the connection, they tend to label the films as “rip-offs” of the original. They may seem like ideas that were copied at first glance, but not every similar scene is a “stolen” idea and not every director is just looking for a shortcut. For one, some filmmakers have openly shared how other movies inspired their films, and others have included their recreations to pay homage to another movie. Also, when it comes to similar animation in multiple films, production companies can definitely recycle their own work as they see fit (especially if it saves them extra time and money!). Check out which memorable scenes were recreated in other films:

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