16 Films You Probably Thought Were Disney Channel Original Movies, But Aren’t

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We will always appreciate what we’ve learned from our parents and teachers throughout our childhood. But let’s get one thing straight: Disney Channel Original Movies deserve just as much credit for teaching us so many valuable life lessons. Motorcrossed taught us that girls are just as capable of excelling at male-dominated sports as boys are. You Wish! reminded us to appreciate what we already have, even if it’s not perfect. Don’t Look Under the Bed warned us to literally never look under our beds to avoid creepy creatures, and the list goes on. But contrary to what most of us think, some of these beloved childhood movies actually don’t fall under the DCOM umbrella.

See, there are Disney Channel Original Movies, then there are Disney Channel reruns that weren’t specifically created for Disney Channel. Also, quite a few of the older films (those released before 1997) are actually referred to as Disney Channel Premiere Films, rather than DCOMs. Though a few of these have never actually been aired on the network, they’ve played such an important role in our childhood that they truly do feel like Disney Channel classics. And we know we’re not the only ones who feel this way. See which movies you’ve probably mistaken for a DCOM, even though it’s not.

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