1990s Romantic Comedies You’ll Never Get Sick Of

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Pretty Woman

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Every decade has something special. Some people might argue whether a certain decade really has the best of something, but the majority of people know it to be true. In terms of films, 1990’s romantic comedies reign supreme. Every decade since has been trying to live up to the high bar it set for rom-coms. But no decade has come close thus far.

The ’90s were a pretty good decade. They gave us grunge, Kate Moss, Friends, Beanie Babies and some of the best video games. (Thank you, Nintendo 64.) We’ll save the other nostalgic topics for a different time and focus on the rom-coms because they are iconic. They show that romantic comedies aren’t always clich√© or filled with one-dimensional characters. They had interesting plots, lovable characters, plenty of laughs and major heart. And they likely had Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Here are the best 1990s romantic comedies that you could watch over and over and never get sick of.

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