16 Actors Who Played More Than One Comic Book Character

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Thanos Avengers 2


Before the year 2000, superhero movies were a bit strange. There were far fewer of them, and when they did come out, they ran the gamut from excellent to unwatchable. In the years since, though, movies based on comic books have come to totally dominate theaters. They make terrific amounts of money at the box office, and have defined a new era of blockbuster film making. Comic book movies are so prevalent today that many actors have found themselves playing more than one comic book character.

Given how lucrative comic book movies have proven to be, it’s no surprise that actors would want to sign on to these films. If you make one huge comic book movie, you’re basically set for life. You can act as much or as little as you want, and basically pick the parts you want to play. That doesn’t mean that every comic book movie is a success, though. These actors may have played two different comic book characters, but their performances aren’t always well remembered.

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